How to Protect Your Vegetable Garden During the Winter

protect your vegetable garden during the winter

Protect Your Vegetable Garden During the Winter

Ensuring that the vegetables in your garden will survive the winter will depend on the specific vegetables in your garden. Some plants, such as leeks and garlic, can grow during the winter, while others need special protection to survive the cold. Naturally, you’ll have better luck getting your plants to survive the winter if you restrict your planting to the hardier cultivars. Here are some general tips to consider to help protect your vegetable garden during the winter, but take care to research the specific plants in your garden.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

If you are not careful and thorough about your fall leaf cleanup, dead leaves can collect and end up killing your plants and even portions of your lawn. This is because a thick layer of fallen leaves can block the sunlight that your plants need to survive, not to mention encourage the growth of potentially harmful mold. Take the time to clean up the leaves or hire fall landscaping services in CT to do it. Alternatively, shred the leaves using your lawn mower to use them as mulch.

Providing Cover

Consider either building covers, purchasing manufactured covers, or simply hiring a landscape company in CT to provide covers to protect your more vulnerable plants from the cold. Alternatively, you can avoid doing this if you’ve planned ahead and planted those particular plants in pots. That way, you can simply move them indoors once winter arrives and they become more susceptible to the cold.

Avoiding Runoff

Since you are responsible for snow removal in CT if you are a home owner, there is a good chance that you’ll be using a de-icer at some point during the winter. If you do, try to use a de-icer that’s better for the environment and less likely to kill your plants. Rock salt might be both effective and the cheapest de-icer available, but sodium chloride can seep into the ground and make it hard for plants to take in water. If you must use rock salt, then try to use it in moderation and be careful about the runoff. Some plants are hardier and more salt-resistant than others, but too much salt in the ground will kill them off.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hardier plants are more likely to survive the winter
  • Clean up leaves in the fall
  • Cover or move vulnerable plants indoors
  • Avoid using de-icing chemicals that can kill off your plants

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