Five Cheap & Easy Ways to Make Your Yard Look Great

How your yard looks not only determines its general appeal, but can also boost or diminish your property’s overall value. No matter how stunning or big your home may be, a poorly maintained yard will make it look less attractive. With basic knowledge on landscaping in Connecticut, you can make your yard look great in five cheap and easy ways:

  1. Water your grass less often, but deeply. Yard landscaping in Connecticut includes the condition of your lawn. Turning on your sprinkler for a short time will not help your lawn much; you need to water your grass deeply to encourage the roots to grow deeply into the soil. For most grass types, the water should penetrate at least 6-8 inches deep. This way, the grass will remain in good condition even during hot weather.
  2. Correctly cut your grass to the recommended height. Correct cutting of grass means using sharp blades when mowing. Also, use a reel mower, which cuts grass like scissors, in the place of traditional rotary lawnmowers, which tears grass. For grass to grow strong and healthy, it needs to be cut to the recommended height, which is one and a half inches tall. Avoid positioning your lawnmower to its lowest or highest setting, which may not achieve this height.
  3. Remove litter, rotting plants, weeds, damaged flower pots and fallen leaves from your yard, which give it a dirty, awful look. If you plan to pull off weeds on your own, ensure that you get rid of the roots as well. You may also buy a weed killer for this purpose. Ensure though that the one chosen does not harm grass in any way.
  4. Recycle grass clippings. Easy landscaping in Connecticut can be achieved by simply leaving grass clipping on a lawn. Grass clipping not only help your lawn to retain water by operating as a natural mulch, but also quickly decompose, thus restoring soil nutrients.
  5. Plant trees and flowers in your yard. Trees create a natural feel around your yard, while flowers in beautiful pots enhance the appearance of your yard by adding color. Water them regularly to keep them from wilting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Water grass less often, but deeply.
  • Use a lawnmower with sharp blades to cut grass to one and a half inches.
  • Remove weeds, litter, fallen leaves, damaged flower pots, and rotting plants from your yard.
  • Recycle grass clippings.
  • Plant flowers and trees in your yard.

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